Ground Penetrating Radar "GPR"



 Detecting Non Conductive Pipes and Conduits 

GPR can detect ceramic and plastic pipes and conduits which would otherwise require tracer wire or sondes using a electromagnetic locator. This ensures accurate location of all the utilities in your project.

Survey Reporting

Capture radar images directly from the screen and export using the dedicated ImageView software for analysis and use in survey reports.

Finding Unknown Utilities

A grid pattern scan can be performed to look for any unknown utilities or buried septic, oil or storage tanks present within the project footprint. This will be beneficial during the planning phase of your project.

Indoor or outdoor slab Scanning 

The exact location of utilities under slabs can be difficult to determine, since as-built drawings are not usually accurate. A GPR scan will help you determine exact location and confirmation of your buried utilities. This enables you to cut concrete safely and know what to avoid when excavating.

Finding Buried Storage Tanks and Culvert Locations

Buried oil tanks, septic tanks and culverts can be safely and efficiently located and marked out. 

Other GPR Applications

  • Scan for asphalt thickness
  • Scan for subgrade depth
  • Control integrity/strength in bridge connections
  • Locate voids behind retaining walls