GPR - Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning Capabilities

  •  Line Scanning for reconnaissance surveys to get a quick idea of what's in the concrete and locate current-carrying cables
  • Grid Scanning for detailed mapping nd on-site 3D imaging to better visualize embedded object
  • Power Cable Detector: ensure safety by locating current carrying cables in the area
  • Real-Time Locating for embedded objects -high quality depth slice images are processed and can be interpreted right in the field
  • Drill Locator to position core

Concrete Scanning Applications

  • Locate: rebar, wire mesh, metallic and non-metallic conduits, post tension cables, current-carrying power cables
  • Detect: voids, areas of potential corrosion and delamination
  • Measure cover depths

Other GPR Applications

  • Scan for asphalt thickness
  • Scan for subgrade depth
  • Control integrity/strength in bridge connections
  • Locate voids behind retaining walls