Electromagnetic Utility Location "EM"


Gas lines 

By transmitting a given frequency the receiver will be able to locate and determine depth of the buried gas line.

Buried Electrical Lines/hydro services

The receiver transmits a frequency into both non-energized and energized electrical lines to show their location and depth underground.


The receiver is able to locate and tell depth when transmitting a frequency to your cables through direct hook up or clamping around Telephone/TV/Communication cables/conduits.

Water Lines

When waterline is made of a conductive material or has a tracer wire attached, the EM machine can detect and show depth of your water line.

Sanitary Sewer and Storm Lines

When locating ductile pipes the transmitter and receiver will work as on other conductive utilities. A push rod with an internal conductive tracer wire will be inserted in to the line and make it possible to locate and mark the utility. 


Sondes attached to a push rod will make it possible to locate and mark blockages/damages on sewer, storm or tel/com conduits. The sonde is also a useful tool  to help out finding invert depths on buried pipes.